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We want to give you an update on shipping and fulfillment. We are working on a solution to the delay, and for the majority of Pocket C. orders, we are excited to announce that the solution is already here: over 800 will ship out within a week.However they did not believe in Big Government forcing tax payers to pay for free College, free abortons, free, free, etc. Now the other home believed in the right to choose which Foster children were allowed to live. Now this second Foster home was more politically correct and more Progressive thinking.They believed some Foster children might have a harder life, or were Special need's, or were simply burdens, or simpy more of an inconvienence, etc. So therefore they would decide which Foster kids lived, and which ones are killed. They believed Foster kids were entitled to tax payer support from cradle to grave no matter if they were someday able bodied and capable of supporting themselves.Each home was asking for your financial support so they could continue on with their policies towards their foster children.The policies of each Foster home was different and you had to choose which home to support.They believed that all high school graduates should be given free College, and many other free things, unless of course they had already been killed in the Foster home. If you say you are truly Prolife, and believe these unborn babies are innocent human lives deserving of protection, how could you ever support the Foster home that supports the right to kill unwanted Foster kids?

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The powerful new i Mac Pro is shipping now 14 December 2017.

Here's everything you need to know, from tech specs to UK price The powerful new i Mac Pro is shipping now 14 December 2017.