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Mary's Institution for the instruction of deaf mutes, which had lately been established.The novitiate was removed from Canandaigua to Buffalo in 1861.

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Ignatius, the saintly founder adding observations from his own experience.Joseph, and ordered that they should be called the Congregation of the Sisters of St. As their numbers increased, he gave them rules for their guidance, and as the congregation had been established in the diocese for the Christian education of children, he recommended that the teachers fit themselves especially for this important work.He also prescribed as their religious dress a black habit and veil, a black cincture on which a large rosary is worn, a band of white linen across the forehead, and a white linen coif fastened under the chin. In regard to the spirit by which the sisters were to be animated, Bishop de Maupas writes: "As I have found in the Visitation Order a sort of blessed predilection for the exact observance of the holiest laws of humility and charity, I have decided to institute the Congregation of St.Joseph, have been suppressed, and the religious have been obliged to seek safety and shelter in other lands.Consequently many new missions, in the remotest parts of the United States, have been recently opened. John Loughlin, first Bishop of Brooklyn, applied to the mother-house at Philadelphia for sisters, and two religious were named for the new mission, joined during the same year by a sister from Buffalo. Mary's Academy, Williamsburg, was opened on 8 Sept., 1856, and in the following year a parochial school was inaugurated.