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This duo puts an emphasis on sensuality and sexuality in all of our connections and interactions, making us yearn for love, left and right.On Monday, the sun moves into Scorpio, joining Jupiter, taking all that romantic energy from the first couple weeks of October and turning up the drama, the passion, and the intensity.Elenas Models is an international online dating site that can provide you with the perfect match.Whether you are looking for a girl from Russia, Asia, Ukraine or Romania you will be able to find beautiful girls to provide you with a wonderful dating experience.This week, Mars and Venus have come together in Libra, the sign that rules your career! Or, just be your charismatic self and your exuberant self-confidence might be just the ticket that attracts love into your life.With these two cosmic lovers together in the sign of relationships, all will see your compelling energy and be attracted to it like moths to a flame.For now, with Mars and Venus in Libra, you’ll feel your normal urges to keep your wishes to yourself, because we all know how private you are, Scorpio.

We’ll all feel the tug of energy take us from the light and extremely flirtatious energy of Libra into the insanely passionate and sensual energies of Scorpio.All of the women are able to speak English so communication is not going to be a problem. This is a licensed Introduction Agency that can offer you over 200,000 profiles for you dating pleasure.You will also have access to 1000’s of testimonial of satisfied customers.This week, Mars just entered Libra, joining Venus in your 11th sector of friendships and networks, making you a social butterfly.Venus and Mars are the cosmic lovers, ruling sensuality and sexuality, and they may even help you attract your special someone among your friendship circles. Often, the month before our birthday, we feel the need to be a hermit or a recluse.