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Dylan was born to Norma and her brother Caleb as Caleb would rape her every day from when she was 13 until the time he left home.His mother met John Massett when she was pregnant with Dylan and they married out of high school.Catherine Zeta-Jones posted a touching tribute to her son Dylan on Tuesday.The 47-year-old actress shared a series of videos to help celebrate his 17th birthday on Instagram.'Don't ˋSTART ME UP' on how much I love you.Catherine and Michael started dating in 1999 and married in November 2000 after the arrival of Dylan in August.They also welcomed a daughter - Carys Zeta - in April of 2013.

What you want to be when you grow up: Bob Dylan’s wife Are you single?He's a lost soul who finds himself drifting back into the troubled lives of his mother and brother.Under that breastplate of "being tough", he's a nice person.Dylan, you are truly a remarkable young man,' she captioned the montage referring to his Mick Jagger imitation.'You are the joy of my life. Happy Birthday sweetheart,' the Oscar winner added.The video begins with a shot of Catherine hugging Dylan and resting her head on him when he was a baby.