Dating someone with different political views

The site, which is currently just a Facebook page, is a new dating platform for socialists, communists, anarchists and anyone who thinks that OKCupid and other dating sites are “too bourgeois.” Its main goal is to link people of similar political persuasions, and after getting more than 4,000 likes in 10 days, it’s now hoping to become an actual website and app.It has attracted thousands of so-called leftists who use the site to upload a photo, write a typically jokey post and invite others to get in touch via Facebook.

He’s concerned that partisanship might intensify if we all keep pairing off with politically like-minded souls.

“She was a disappointment to me,” came the answer, cryptically.

“It seemed like the country was getting more divided,” he says.

Shared ethnicity increases interest by 16.6 percent. And shared political partisanship raises dating interest levels by 9.5 percent.

big factors when we look for our potential partners,” says Malhotra.