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He had stopped kissing her and they both appeared to have been paying attention to the film. Everything seemed to be normal except when she noticed movement on the girls face and realized that her eyes were closed and her breathing was hard.

Her lips parted periodically and it was then it struck Celina that the guy was fingering his girlfriend, feeling safe in the security of darkness, not aware that one member of the audience was not paying attention to the movie at all!

In fact, his simple nature and the nervous way that he had asked her out in the first place was the only reason she had agreed to give the financial analyst at a reputable consultancy take her out.

But his reluctance or lack of courage to so much as touch her was beginning to annoy her.

He had an extremely non threatening aura about him and if anything, a girl would feel comfortable around him.

They had polite conversation about their day and somehow Celina didn Fidgeting about, she found herself looking around at her surroundings.

She got up and made the short walk to the ladies room. Yet she had to stick at it as she had bills to pay and a good review and annual bonus might just allow her some breathing room to quit and get away from this place.

(This one is truly no work and no school.) Book recommendation of the week: The Heirs, by Susan Rieger.From the day she joined her existing company, she could always feel their eyes focused on her, watching as she walked to and fro in her high heels which always served to accentuate her shapely legs which were slim, yet flowed perfectly from her hips down, they truly were elegant.In truth, the 25 year old was stunning and the guards could not help but notice her each and every day. Her head was always in the clouds it seemed and she couldnt seem to get anything done as of late.Rushing her for unrealistic deadlines, constantly gazing over her shoulder, he was the bane of her existence.