Alex zane and alexa chung dating

With her new show “24 Hour Catwalk” currently showing in the US we can guarantee that we will be seeing much more of the fashionista for a long time to come.I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve discussed anything to do with Alexander Skarsgard, which is sort of true.After having made a name for herself, in both the fashion and TV world, Alexa Chung returned to modelling in 2008.She became the face for campaigns by Oxfam and Antipodium.Not only did this see the revival of the satchel-style bag, the bag was a sell-out, with Mulberry attributing a very profitable year to the “Alexa” bag.

Alexa Chung was born on 5th November 1983 in Privett Hampshire, England.

He went dark for a large part of 2014 and I haven’t personally written about him in months, nor have we had many photos of him.

But Bedhead did write about him (*shakes fist*) back in January, when he was hanging out at Sundance. ) says that Alex might be spreading his Viking goodness to another lady: Alexa Chung.

In April 2007, she continued her TV career co-presenting ITV 1’s “Get a Grip” comedy show with Ben Elton.

The show received a very mixed response from viewers.