My wife is dating

"I guess we aren't going to a club, are we", said Tom as they broke their kiss. His hand was on her ass as she walked out to the car. Then, as he turned to go to his side of the car, even from a distance I could make out his erection. I sat around for a while doing something, watching some sports I think, when the phone rang. You've been sucking my cock in your mouth since we pulled out of the driveway, slut. The thought of her on her knees, sucking this handsome guy's big cock was extremely erotic. I messed around for another hour or so, when the phone rang again. I was again jacking off, and why I didn't cum, I don't know.She placed his hand on her ass, with hers around his neck, looking into his eyes. As she walked, I could see that the air movement opened up the front of her blouse completely, to the point where it was sliding off her shoulders. He held the opened the car door for her, and she let her legs spread wide as she got in. Now you get what you've been after." There was some moaning, both male and female sounds. This time I didn't say anything as I answered the phone. Was she on top of him, riding his beautiful cock with her beautiful cunt? A couple of hours later, lights flashed on the front windows.After a few minutes of vigorous fucking, she said "Let's go inside, so you can finish me off." I opened the door to let them in, with my cock hanging out of my pants.

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Her nails were deep red, a color she doesn't normally wear. I bet you would like to suck it as much as I would." "No way! "But I will admit his cock looks like it belongs on a porn star" "It does, and I want that cock in me all night" Angie replied. Next a pair of black patterned hose with a wide lace top, but not stay ups.

My wife bent over the side railing, and Tom slid his cock into her wet hole, not 3 feet from where I was watching.

She look back at me through the window next the door and smiled a lustful smile. Tom didn't waste any time and started to slam his cock into my wife's cunt.

Her nipples were plainly visible which made for an even more erotic look, if that were possible. "I think I'll be gone about 4 hours or so, honey" she said, not looking at me. " "No, I need lots of big cocks, your cock, more cock, cock fuck, gawd. gotta cum." This went on for another 5 minutes I guess, could have been a minute for all I know.

Tom and I said nothing as she walked a few steps toward us, both of us in awe. "Oh" said Tom They kissed again and Tom's hands were working her ass good this time. Then, "Aaaahhhiiieeeeeeeeeeeee" screamed my wife as she came.