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(4) and The Oak Island Legend as an Expression of Masonic Symbolism (5), posted to the internet in 20 respectively, but my understanding of the evolution of Masonic Ritual and of the evolution of the Oak Island Legend itself has since increased to the point where I am now able to take the very different approach of this present paper.The traditional date for the discovery of the Oak Island Money Pit is 1795, being the date given in the 1890s prospectus of the Oak Island Treasure Co (6), which was the syndicate which attempted to locate the treasure in the late 1800s and early 1900s.On the ground floor, the spacious lobby, with its original travertine wall panels, pulls double duty as an exhibition space.Behind the elevator bank, the old auditorium was transformed into a gallery.Science Museum Oklahoma’s never-before-seen exhibit includes nearly 150 original models, prototypes, bronzes, sketches and storyboards that Harryhausen used in his signature stop-motion animation process to make miniature creatures appear life-size.Canvas of Clay at Scottsdale’s Museum of the West includes 18 works by Nampeyo of Hano, the most famous Hopi potter, and 22 master potters, including her daughters.

Years later, they began dreaming of sharing their collection, establishing the Marciano Art Foundation in 2012.

As we shall see later in this paper, there is one element in the Patrick letter which could be considered unambiguously Masonic, but that element by itself would not be considered by any Freemason to be conveying any kind of Masonic message in my opinion.

It is in the next and fifth publication on the Oak Island Legend in 1862 that various Masonic elements are suddenly added to the legend, in a way that in my opinion conveys an unmistakeable Masonic message to those Freemasons who are Scottish Rite Masons but that is getting ahead of ourselves.

Designed in 1961 by architect Millard Sheets, it was a gathering space for a local order of the Freemasons, a fraternal organization long shrouded in secrecy.

The hulking marble and travertine building appears almost windowless, with cryptic symbols, mosaics, sculptures, and Biblical and historical quotations along the exterior walls.