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Since Election Day, we’ve been whirling in a variety of emotions, ranging from deep sorrow to anger, and landing in a place of recommitting to doing everything we can to promote equity and justice and undo institutional white supremacy.

Cultures Connecting strives to be a resource for those committed to this path.

It is important none of us become paralyzed in this challenging time.

Once we’ve identified our circle of influence, making change can feel less overwhelming and we can see how a small step one of us takes ripples out to others in our community.

Place these in proximity to your name depending on your closeness to them, indicating your inner circle where you have the most influence, and outer circles. For example, you can organize a letter writing campaign with the five people you’re closest with advocating for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

Or you can ask a business you frequent to create all-gender bathrooms.

Then write the names of organizations you’re involved with, people you know, events you attend, businesses you frequent, etc.Although my parents supported my critical thinking and wanted me make the world a better place, sometimes my whining, “That’s not fair!” wore down their hippy sensibilities.“Life isn’t fair,” my parents told my sister and I when we’d argue about not getting to stay up late on a school night.For years, black people and their allies fought to end segregation.But winning the court case Brown vs Board of Education was just the beginning for black students.

Adult dating govan south carolina