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Bottom line: Can FCA's stock price continue to be driven by minivans?

The short answer is that FCA has a major winner on its hand with the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid.

Some cars such as the Dodge Dart (minus 49%) and Chrysler 200 (minus 65%) are so catastrophic that they were discontinued in late 2016 to make way for expanded pickup truck and Jeep production in 2017, 2018 and beyond.

The Fiat 500 also has been catastrophic at a 37% decline. minivan unit sales isn't all that impressive if the competition grew even faster.

Considering the far greater weight and lower aerodynamic efficiency of the Chrysler Pacifica, that's quite an achievement by the Chrysler engineers - as well as LG Chem (OTC: LGCEY) which makes the battery.

ashing the throttle always "feels" better in a pure electric car such as the Tesla.

The Chrysler has a vastly larger interior space than the Volvo and Tesla.

Not bad for a gasoline car necessarily, but a clear difference from a plug-in electric car.FCA’s share price has recovered very nicely since May, in part because of explosive minivan sales growth of 31% this year in the U. That compares dramatically to the collective competition from Toyota, Honda, Kia and Nissan, as they are down a cumulative 2%.FCA now ups the ante with the plug-in hybrid version of the Chrysler Pacifica, which just went on sale for the bargain price of ,090 before EV subsidies.Depending on the battery size purchased, the range will be anywhere from 237 miles for the ,000 base version to 289 miles for the P100D which starts at 0,000.The Volvo XC90 T8 has a 9.2 k Wh battery and its electric-only range is 14 miles.