English adult cam

29OCT17--years ago I had found the HOST 's web site due to my interest in the engineering feat of parbuckling the Costa Concordia, I would have 5 or 6 'tabs' open each with a giglio news 'still shot cam'.

IIRC the ship had been floated away to Genoa but there was still lots of activity related to that incident in the Giglio port,, I would open a browser , load up a different cam in its own tab , then go back and watch each cam for several minutes.

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( at least I think that is what that barge is), A big THANK YOU to the host of this 'live cam' GIGLIO NEWS .

Alan, If you click on the "Hosted by Gigio News" it will take you to Giglio news website where there are several more webcams.

I watched this cam daily also, the men working the project stopping for coffee or whatever where those blue umbrellas are.

There are some great pictures on the Giglio website I need to write the story of how utterly fascinated I was with this engineering feat & watching the comings & goings of the people of Giglio.