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Recently she had begun seeing a black boy from school. Tina continues to cry, but her voice is unintelligible.

Both of these behaviors were disrespectful to the familys culture, enough that her father felt justified in killing her.

During their trial, the Zein Isa tried to get the surveillance tapes thrown out as evidence because they captured events that had no relevance to the FBIs investigation.

The court allowed the tapes as evidence, which allowed the jury to hear Tinas voice from beyond the grave, and the stark cold method in which her father and mother murdered her in her own home. Louis television reporter, has done admirable spade work going through the court transcripts and interviewing everyone connected to the case in an attempt to piece together the interlocking stories of family murder and active support of Abu Nidals terrorist organization.

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Earlier in the day, Tina had applied for a part-time job at a local Saint Louis Wendys Restaurant against her parents wishes, and without their permission.

Maria Isa is Roman Catholic, while Zein Isa and the others are Muslim. The FBI unintentionally taped the brutal murder of 16-year-old Tina Isa, while doing electronic surveillance of the Isas home.

Tina (her full name was Palestina) was the last daughter at home and the most American of the family. Zein Isa, Tinas father was a suspected Palestinian Terrorist and had been under FBI surveillance for some time.

The tape ends with Zein Isa telling his daughter die, die quickly, quiet, little one, die, my daughter, die.

Then there is silence on the tape and it is obvious Tina has died. Tina was stabbed six times in the chest with a boning knife, which pierced her heart, one lung, and liver, investigators said.