Updating your marketing plan

You can connect a list to a specific keyword or to several keywords.

Friends that are found with that keyword will be added to the list of your choice after you approve them.

Integrate your social media updates with your blog posts in one central command center, namely your Social Oomph account.

Your blog posts are shown integrated with your social media updates so that you can see exactly when what is going to publish.

When Peter sends an email from [email protected] [email protected], the email will be published to your Twitter account and will be tagged with ^Peter.

You can filter on following-to-follower ratio, number of friends, number of followers, age of the account, number of tweets, and much more.

Set up words and phrases that you consider as SPAM and we will automatically ignore any user that has those words in its profile bio or latest tweet.

You can also tell us to filter out any username that contains certain text or character strings, which you define.

Now you can keep your Facebook status updates fresh by scheduling them to appear on your Facebook account at the dates and times of your choosing.