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Example: See what Brian & Horst wrote about “The Wedgewood” We will then post everything on

Please send your memories, additions & corrections to [email protected] YOU The Knotty Pine – Tampa 1940’s All this information is just for fun. When collecting the info we talked with friends, club patrons, bartenders, club owners.

” ……Mark & Carrie MC Film & Friends have put together this list of “Bars That Were” Now we need the community’s help & WELCOME your in put!

Tell us something about your favorite club and email us to be put into the clubs memories archives.

Florida Ave., Tampa 813-228-0139 Babylon see “Rascal’s” Backstage Located on Nebraska Ave Left of Beares Ave. Then move in to “Moody’s” on South Dale Mabry, Then closed & “Angelo” bought the name & opened where it is today. Benders See “Chaps” BG’s BAR 10387 Gandy Blvd., St. At “The Male Room” Also see “Rainbow” Blue Diamond, The Elegent dance and showbar on First Ave S. Frankie De Lee, show director brought in stars from around the country. Rand Hall worked the door and her partner was the hostess. Bridge Club After hours bottle club located on Hillsborough Ave in Tampa behind the airport. My friends wanted to leave because they said something fishy was going on. My very first boyfriend, the very handsome Jeff Matheny, was one of their first bartenders. Mark from MC Film has one of the performers autograph. Where the gay patrons would help themselves to the coffee pots. “The Eagle” was actually the first Tampa Eagle in the old Spurs building in Ybor. Then after their only child was born in the early 80’s, Roxanne (named after Roxanne Russell), they stopped going out.

Tampa Backroom Bar Located at 14601 Gulf Blvd., Maderia Beach, 727-391-2680 Backstreet Mall Originally opened in Clearwater in the 80’s. Connected to it was a bar called “The Boy’s Next Door.” Many famous Acts preformed there such as “The Original Village People”, “Eartha Kitt”, “Divine” “The Weather Girls” And “Judy B. Petersburg Opened Summer 2009 – closed 2010 Boxxers Located at 1801 North Tampa Rd., Tampa Boy’s Next Door, The Located next to “Backstreet Mall” closed in 1987 Blue Jeans Located on Gandy Blvd. Blue Mirror See “Fuzzy Mouse” Blue Moon Saloon See “Rafters” Bobby V’s Located on Cypress. With tinfoil ceilings and Christmas lights for color. Brigg, The also called Tampa Brigg Located at 9002 N. Known for its cruising & disco bar BT’s Located at 7737 Grand Blvd. Is now called “Waterside Lounge” BJ’s Located on Kennedy Blvd. He later moved to Houston and worked at the Montrose Mining Company. Jeff also worked at the OP sometime in the early 80’s. Denny’s OK this was not a Gay bar but should have been. Across the street was the University of Tampa Dorm. Across the river is going to be the new Trump Tower. Dew Drop Inn, The Short run bar where Westside Lounge was Central & 49th St .before Ki Ki Ki 4 Ding-A-Lings Located on 34th St & Central Ave in St. The downstairs was a dance bar named The Exile, which isn’t listed. I know this because I was co-owner with my ex-partner, Thom Lewis (see Spurs), we did not own Spurs, just the building later. Thom later bought Northside and renamed it The Brigg until he caused it to go spiraling into the ground. El Goya/ Tracks/ Pleasure Dome Located in Tamp’s Ybor City on 7th Ave. Memory: I just remembered that during El Goya’s heyday, there was a drag club that opened up around four blocks east on 7th, on a nw corner of the intersection. To my memory, and the best one to tell it all would be Vicki at the Parliament House, Frank Hodge, the main owner of the Parliament House, and an employee from there who bought into El Goya, Frank Cociera (I worked for them, so I know this is right), opened El Goya again after the fire. Well I just looked in the phone book and they are STILL HERE!! So…I’ll call them in the next few days and inform them of the bars update, and see if they have any input. Take care, friends, Horst (and Brian Surprised that someone else hasn’t spoke up here but the Fire House pub actually became the Northside Lounge or as I understand, the Northside was sort of a straight simi country western bar in trouble and patrons from Fire House just started to go to the Northside (owned by Vince Muto [straight of course]) but than bought by someone – can’t remember his name but had great cliental in the mid 80’s and lost it back to Vince. A women’s bar with live entertainment Frat House See Carousel French Connection 9610 Gulf Blvd in Treasure Island Full Moon Salon Open a very short time. See “Impulse” Fungi’s On Grand central in Tampa where the Save Rite is today.

************ I wanted to add to your answer on the Trivia … The KIKIKI wins moved 3 times & open one satellite in St. Chaps, Copa, Spectrum, The Saint, Benders, Club de Nile What was the code word bartenders used at the gay bars for a possible police raid?

Golden Anchor Located in Tampa at Hesperdes & Kennedy Golden Arrow, The Located at 10604 Gandy Blvd. Very popular patio and home to a number of gay organizations. by Thom Lewis In Town Lounge 105 Garden Ave, Clearwater, very cruisy Jack’s 809 On Pass-a-grille. The Hurricane, a well known straight restaurant bar now stands in it’s place. We would then drive over to Jacks on the beach, close the bar, and then sleep on the beach. Jungle, The Located at 3703 Henderson Blvd., Tampa See “The Cove” Katzz In St. Keith’s Garage Located in north Tampa today it’s called “Keith’s Bar” Kim’s Club Located on Kennedy Ave. Kitty’s See “Engine Room” KIKIKI 1, 2, 3, 4 The oldest Gay Bar in Town!!! Today it’s still owned by Caesar the brother of Rene Rodriguez who owned “Rene’s” on Kennedy.

Anything from 2002 to the time it closed in 2004, ask Steve Donahue as I was already living in Denver and he used to tell us of some of the stofries from when he was the Promoter for Chrome Chatr with ya soon!! “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” What Performer has performed at the most Gay or Lesbian Clubs in Florida? G’s(WPB), BJ’s, Bleachers (WPB), Blue Jeans, Blue Lagoon, Bobbie V’s, Bo’s Coral Reef (Jacksonville), Borders, Bottom Line (Fort Meyer), BT’s, Cellar Pub (Homosassa), Cherokee Club, Cherry Grove(Miami), Cheshire Cat, Christopher Street (Sarasota), City Lights, Club Chada (Sarasota), Club Caribbean,(Fort Lauderdale), Connection(Ocala), Copa (Tampa), Cove, David’s, Detours ( St.

Pete), Dockside, Donnie’s club 422, Donnie’s Club International, Donnie’s Tropical Restaurant and Bar 801(key west) 1470 West, 5101(wpb), 416 (Key West), Flamingo, Flirt Night Club & Show Bar ( Ybor), Foolish Beat, Frankley Scarlett (Fort Walton), Full Moon Saloon, Garbo’s (Delray beach), Gold Coast Bar(Fort Lauderdale), Grand Central Station, Inn Exile(wpb), Katzz, K&E (WPB), Keith’s, Kevin’s Cabaret(wpb), Kim’s Club, Kodiak Pub(Orlando), Kozlow’s Libation’s (Fort Lauderdale), Lighted Tree, Lost and Found, Lu’Lu’Place (Delray Beach), Lovey’s Pub (Holiday), Malibu’s (WPB), Melody Club (Gainesville), MC Film, Ms Behavin (WPB), Nautico, New Connection, Northside, Oar House, Oasis, Paradise Parliament House, Pepper Tree, Pepperz, Phil’s Place Camp Ground(Reddick), Partners (St.

Many times they had completely different memories of what had happened. The KIKIKI wins moved 3 times & open one satellite in St.

As one person said, “We never went to that club because it was full of old people. Pete It’s a tie for #2 – The Tampa Eagle moved 3 times & Baxters moved 3 times. #2 oldest is The Pro Shop in Clearwater and is the oldest bar in one location.