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Dark curses don't play nice- not even with each other. Harry is raised by rebel fairies until his Hogwarts letter arrives. Follow up to Two's a Crowd: The Beginning The Blight is over, the Archdemon is slain, and Lynx Mahariel has built a new life with her beloved Zevran in Antiva. Entering a new chapter in life is difficult when you're single. Let's just say Spock and Kirk are going to have their work cut out for them if this chapter's going to end the way they want it to. How did Severus Snape find himself with a young 4yr old Harry Potter? -He stood tall and eyed the man with the purple face saying, “I’m here to take Potter.”-or maybe it was. In third year, Harry decided to quit Divination, following Hermione. Everyone else is surprised by what HE'S been up to as well! High elf prince Draco Malfoy has just found his mate: a human named Harry Potter who is completely ignorent of his identity. What happens when he decides the Dark Lord is the only one who can help him ‘get hatchlings’? He is taken in by his best friend's mom and taught how to focus, listen to the unseen, and do yoga.When nine year-old Harry is bitten by a werewolf, the horcrux fights back. Canon-ish for the first three years of Hogwarts - AU from that point forward. When a mysterious and stunningly attractive elf from Kirkwall shows up on their doorstep, she is more fascinated than she cares to admit. Hellsing- During the last stages of his Nekoken training, Ranma runs away from Genma, and runs into a certain Werewolf from his mother's past. Taking Cloud along to dig the General out of the basement is a gamble, but his only hope. Contains MPREG."Dammit Jim, if that man's a Doctor, then I might as well start calling myself a dentist! Having to take a substitute course, he end up choosing Ancient Runes and find himself to be quite gifted. Which is fine with Draco because he doesn't need a mate. Then Hogwarts finds the young spirit healer and yogi...Now with the help of Gabe Surana, this misplaced girl has to find a way back home without getting herself or her host's body killed!

(M/Surana and M/Mahariel)Just when Usagi thought her life had settled down and she could live a peaceful life, a new villan group has shown up.

Fearing for Megan's life, he returns to the hotel to make sure the puppets are got for good. During the summer before his third year at school, Harry comes across a set of very special puppets that once belonged to Puppet Master Andre Toulon.

Harry now finds himself the newest Puppet Master and together with his new little friends, Harry and the Puppets are ready to take on anything.

Harry finally becomes a Animagus, but his new form has powers he never knew of!

Now he's in Nerima Japan, finding a dear friend he hasn't seen for years.